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A New Era in Media

toddw 9 months ago
With Twitch.tv now amassing a mind-boggling 100 million viewers and commanding over 1.8% of all U.S. peak internet traffic (behind only Netflix, Google and Apple). And with YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook all having implemented their own live streaming system. It’s safe to say that we are experiencing a new era in media.
This new revolution in media brings with it a whole new approach to entertainment and how it’s created. All of it vaguely reminding me of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.
Each stage is divided up into rooms where you have to defeat several waves of robotic enemies, optionally saving defenseless humans to increase your score, before proceeding to the next. The baddies are both visually interesting and clever in their design, and every world introduces new ones so the combat never feels repetitive.

“I think that’s the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.”

Elton Musk
Set in the J.J. Abrams Trek universe, Bridge Crew’s single-player campaign centers around the U.S.S. Aegis–which, after a brief training mission, sets forth on its task to help the Vulcans find a new home. This mission takes the Aegis into a Klingon-controlled territory, the Trench, and into the heart of a potentially ugly interstellar incident. You can fill one of four roles aboard the ship: the Captain issues orders to every other department from the holographic menu built into the player’s chair, the Helm puts you in the driver’s seat, Tactical handles shields and weaponry, and Engineering determines how much power gets shifted to the ship’s vital systems.


Despite the frustrations its upgrade system often caused me, I had a good time navigating Nex Machina’s array of twin-stick shooter challenges.

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